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Enter the maximum Length and Width of the Graphic Overlay (without tail) in cm. (1.0cm min. - 61cm max.)


Enter the total length of the tail that goes out of the graphic overlay in cm. (2.0cm. min. - 61cm. max.)

Number of Colors

Enter the total number of colors including transparent window colors. Process color (Digital Printing) is considered as 5 colors. We use PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM but it varies from book to book, texture and light affect color loss. So in critical situation we suggest you send us a color chip and the specific lightning which affect product in its normal operating environment. (Integer 0 to 20)

Graphic Overlay Material
Polycarbonate Clear (Glossy):

Excellent clarity, good for LEDS, LCD Displays.
We carry more finishes if you need another one contact us

Polycarbonate Texture:

Matte, good to avoid reflectance.
We carry more finishes if you need another one contact us.

Selective Texture

Is the capacity of having texture and clear (polished) on the same overlay. It is obtain by screen-printing certain areas of the graphic overlay giving this the texture, while leaving other areas clear to enhance the readability of LEDS, LCD Displays, etc.

Number of Keys

Enter the total number of keys in the membrane switch. (Integer 0 to 1000)

Number of Pins

Enter the total number of conductive traces on the tail. Even if there is not going to be any connectors. (Integer 2 to 29)


Rail Emboss or Plateau Emboss is available. You must consider a few things before embossing. The embossing height should not exceed 1.5 the thickness of the graphic overlay. For example if you have a graphic overlay of 10 mils the embossing height should not exceed 15 mils. The number of activations will decrease, not recommended for switches requiring more than 400,000 activations. The emboss is good to locate the keys by touch and to enhance the aspect of the switch.


There are two types of switches tactile and non-tactile. The tactile will give a feedback sensation. This is good for noise inviorments where you can not here the "bip" sound that indicates you that the contact has been made. The number of activations on a tactile switch will decrease from. aprox. 3,000,000 min. to 1,000,000 min.

Shield Requirements

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)
EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)
RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)

Insertable Key Legend

You can do your own legend on a piece of paper printed in an inkjet, laser, etc., or we can screen print them for you in polycarbonate, so that the colors are exactly the same as the ones in your overlay. Those legends can be inserted through some specially designed slots. There are basically two types of designs, one that your insertions can be removed and replaced even if the membrane is installed, and the other where they cannot be removed once it's installed.


Female connections .1" distance between each contact and .06" line width as standard. Nicomatic are standard if you need another one contact us.

No Connector: In this case you will need a Zif connector as shown in the drawing (not provided by us). .1" or .05" distance between each contact as standard.


Enter the number of Membrane Switches required.

Order Summary

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