Printed circuit data transfer for manufacturing purposes

Gerber Files:
We can read any Gerber format. We do prefer Gerber RS-274-X with trailing zeros so that all dimensions are referenced to a single datum point.
Aperture List:
Put in an ASCII text file, you can do this with any word processor. Please include the following basic information:
A) The format for your Gerber Data Files.
B) The D code number, shape and size for each aperture you use.
C) The names of each layer and a brief description, for identification, if necessary.

NC Drill Files:
In format 2.4 with trailing zeros absolute coordinate / ASCII files / Excellon format.
Fabrication Drawings:
Convert them to Gerber Data Files. If possible, please avoid sending plotter files in HPGL, DMPL, or other pen plotter languages.

Confirmations are sent to you within 24 hours. Call us if you did not receive an e-mail (or fax) within 24 hours of sending your order and gerbers.

Indicate which Cad Tool / software was used to generate your database this will aid in processing your information received.