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Since 1989 MILLER & SANCHEZ manufactures quality Membrane Switches and Printed Circuit Boards. MILLER & SANCHEZ specializes on prototypes to low volume.

Instant On Line Quotation, Prototypes 5 Working Days, No Set Up Charges, No Tooling Charges.


Personal Expert Cad Design assistanceCrossoversNo Tooling ChargesNo Set Up ChargesLaser CutPrototypes 5 working daysProduccion 2 weeksDomesTactilEmbossHybrid PCB BasedBerg, AMP conectors
Board categories: Single-Side, Double-Side PTHLayers: Min 1, Max 2Finish: Solder Mask EpoxyBoard Thickness: .062"Finish Cooper Thickness: 1 oz. unless specifiedUsed Laminates: FR-2, CEM-1, FR-4Min. Trace/Space width: 8 milsDrills: Min 20 mils, Max 250 milsLaser PhotoplottingNo Set Up ChargesNo Tooling Charges